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Family Recipe Friday: Mema’s Green Beans

Tucked inside one of my grandmother’s cookbooks, in the vegetables section, I found a little piece of notepaper with her hand-written green bean recipe. This brings back so many wonderful memories of visiting my grandparents and dining at “Mema’s” table with her, the always gracious hostess. (If you have a garden, this is great time of year to try Mema’s greenbeans!)

Green Beans

  1. nutmeg – sprinkle
  2. almonds – boil and skin, saute in butter
  3. crisp bacon bits
  4. saute mushrooms until wilted and add to beans



Talented Tuesday: C.Y. Turner; Artist

Charles Yardley Turner (1850-1918) born Nov. 25, 1850, in Baltimore, came to New York in 1872 and studied at the Academy of design for three years. In 1878 he went abroad to Paris where he studied under French masters Jean-Paul Laurens, Mihály Munkácsy and Léon Bonnat, forming, with some other students, the “Munkacsy school”.  He was chairman of the school committee at the Art Students League of New York in 1879, early in its history, and he first exhibited at the National academy in 1882. C.Y. Turner gained the Hallgarten prize for the “Courtship of Miles Standish” in 1883, and was also elected an associate at the academy.

His oil works include “The Grand Canal at Dordrecht,” “The Days that are No More,” and “Afternoon Tea” (1882) ; “Dorothy Fox” and “Preparing for Yearly Meeting” (1883) ; “The Last of the Montauks,” “Hartnah Thurston,” and “The Bridal Procession,” 1886:

The Bridal Procession of John Alden and Priscilla – C.Y. Turner


Turner was assistant director of decoration at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, under fellow muralist Francis Davis Millet, and for the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo he served as the colorist for the entire fair. He also gave considerable attention to etching and was president of the National Society of Mural Painters from 1904-1909. In 1912 C. Y. and a fellow artist were booked on the Titanic,  and while C.Y. changed his plans at the last minute, his  friend was not so fortunate. That same year C.Y. became director of the Maryland Institute Schools of Art and Design at Baltimore.

His works include:


  • Hotel Martinque, 32nd Street and Broadway, New York City, 1898, several murals
  • Baltimore Court House, 1905, The Burning of The Peggy Stuart
  • DeWitt Clinton High School, 1905
  • Essex County Court House, Newark, New Jersey, 1905-1907
  • Hudson County Courthouse, Jersey City, New Jersey, 1910
  • Cuyahoga County Courthouse, Cleveland, Ohio, 1912
  • Wisconsin State Capitol, 1917, four murals on the theme of Transportation in the North Hearing Room

Of his water-colors the principal are:

  • Dordrecht Milkmaid” (1882)
  •  “Engaged” (1885)
  • Martha Hilton” (1886)
  •  “At the Ferry” (1887)




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