Thankful Thursday – Online Bible Records

All I knew a couple of years ago about my 3rd great grandmother was that she married my 3rd great grandfather, and she was reported to have been born in Virginia. I had no name, county or birthdate. One fateful day, I simply googled my grandfather’s name along with the word “married” – and lo and behold- there she was: “Archibald Bowen and Margaret E. Moore were married May 28th, 1835” listed under “Marriages” in an online “MOORE NEWS, Volume I, October 9, 1996, Issue 23”.  Virginia C. Clotset of Birmingham, Michigan, had contributed her research to the newsletter. She lists her source as DAR MAGAZINE, Spring 1970, vol.33. No. 3 “Moore Family Bible Records”. Not only did I find my great grandmother, but her entire family. Francis Moore, the son of Rev. Jeremiah Moore, the Baptist Minister of Colonial Prince William County, Virginia that I wrote about a couple of days ago, kept family Bible records, and the family Bible, according to this newsletter,  is now in the possession of a gentleman in West Virginia who was so gracious and kind as to photostate the Bible entries in 1962.

Had it not been for my 4th great grandfather keeping the Bible records, this gentlman so graciously photostating  the family entries, Virginia Clotset contributing them to DAR, DAR magazine publishing them in 1970, and the MOORE NEWS online newsletter ( putting this online in 1996 and keeping it online all these years, I would still be in the dark about this whole line of my family.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to all of you that made this precious information available to a searching descendant and helping me to find this fascinating part of my family.


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  1. Hi Patti!! Such a nice blog! I have some Dodge cousins that I did a bit of genealogical hunting for – they didn’t realize they were related to ALL those Block Island families – Rose, Littlefield, etc. They are great-grandsons of William Talbot Dodge. I think you don’t yet have an RSS feed button, so when you get one up there, I’ll start subscribing. Best wishes for your blogging! Diane

  2. Love your blog! Please add some sharing, like twitter and facebook.

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