Wednesday’s Child: Victoria Elizabeth MacDonald 1920-1925

Victoria Elizabeth MacDonald


Victoria Elizabeth MacDonald was born in 1920 in Lock Haven, Clinton, Pennsylvania. She was my grandfather’s youngest sister (of ten siblings). She passed away August 7th, 1925 at the tender young age of only five years, and is buried in Dunnstown Cemetery, Dunnstown, Clinton, Pennsylvania. I have not yet found the cause of her so sadly, premature departure.

Update: Geneablogger Elizabeth, of, shared with me that birth and death certificates (for the years 1906-1961) are now available from Pennsylvania Vital Records for only $3. Pennsylvania has made indexes available at You look up the name first, by year, to find the certificate number, then download and fill in a form, then mail it in with your check. It may take several weeks (or months?), to receive the (uncertified) certificate. I looked this up today and found my great Aunt Victoria E. (above). Thank you, Elizabeth, for this great tip!


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  1. Deborah says:

    Have you gotten the death record yet? Thanks for the update too. I will have to check out the Pennsylvania portal to see if I can get my great grandfather’s certificate.

    • Patti says:

      Here it is, Dec. 18th, and I have not yet received the records I’ve requested. I’ll update as soon as I do receive them. In the meantime, you can expect it to take at least months, not weeks.

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